Dept. of Mathematical Science, SMCS IBA organized International Math Day in collaboration with Steam Pakistan and Mathematics & Astronomy Club

March 14, 2023: The 14th of March is a special day for mathematics enthusiasts worldwide, as it marks the celebration of International Mathematics Day. This year, the Math department of the School of Mathematics & Computer Science and the IBA Mathematics & Astronomy Club joined hands with STEAM Pakistan to celebrate this occasion, along with 90 government school students.

The event was filled with exciting mathematical activities, such as a maze with puzzles that required mathematical skills to solve. The students also attempted to tie knots without letting go of the string, played maths bingo, and tried their hand at solving a Rubik's cube. The activities helped to make mathematics more engaging and interactive for the students. Moreover, the students were also allowed to expand their knowledge about pi through a fun story and a speaker session by Professor Ahmed Raza. They were introduced to the famous seven-bridge problem, Euler, and the graph theory by Dr Danish Ali, which helped to expand their understanding of the subject.

The winners of the activities were awarded calculators, while the runners-up received geometry boxes, which would help them with their studies. To top off the event, the students were given a campus tour of IBA and delicious treats such as apple Pi(es) —pun included— ending a fun-filled day.

Overall, the International Mathematics Day celebration at IBA was a huge success, providing a platform for government school students to experience mathematics more engagingly and interactively. This event helped the students develop their mathematical skills and gave them a glimpse into the world of higher education and research at IBA.


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