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About SMCS

The School of Mathematics & Computer Science at IBA Karachi is one of the fastest-growing science schools in Pakistan. It models itself among the country's best research and teaching in sciences & allied fields. It has a highly qualified faculty comprising experienced practitioners and researchers that enrich teaching, provide business consultancies, support startups, and prepare students for industry. The school has a state-of-the-art facility focusing on undergraduate and graduate education balanced with research and emphasizing leadership, service, and ethics. The research labs for Artificial Intelligence, Web Science, Big Data & Telecommunications allow computer science students to delve deep into the technological realm. In contrast, the mathematics program offers a thorough background in theory, quantitative matter & applications commensurate with international standards.

Dr. Shakeel Khoja

Message from the Dean

I'm greatly honored to share the Dean's message along with my faculty members who have contributed with their hard work, vision, and leadership, to make this school one of the best science schools in the country.

The history of science programs in IBA dates to 1983 when it started offering a diploma program in Computer Science to overcome the shortage of information and system analysts in the country. Since then, the venture has matured and now offers BS, MS, and PhD programs in Mathematics and Computer Science. We have established research labs for Artificial Intelligence, Web Science, Big Data, and Telecommunication, supporting the MS and PhD programs in the diverse domains of Computer Science. Likewise, the MS and PhD programs in Mathematics aim to provide a thorough background in theory, quantitative methods, and applications commensurate with international standards, offering the opportunity of highly specialized training in selected areas of pure and applied mathematics.

As IBA moves into the new system of schools, the newly established SMCS must continue to incubate and stay poised toward cutting-edge research and development in science and technology. In the coming years, we plan to enhance our academic programs by investing in our star faculty, establishing strong research and industrial ties across the globe, and bringing new specializations in Mathematics, Computer Science, and allied fields. Our mission is to impart quality education to students selected purely on merit, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion, or financial means.

The foremost aim of SMCS will be to establish academic linkages with leading science schools of the world so that we can enhance our teaching and research. This would assist towards innovations through joint research projects, focused on bringing new knowledge to the classrooms, thereby enriching academic transactions at IBA. The second aim is to offer more streams of specializations. We have introduced an MS program in Data Science, and plan to offer more programs in Mathematics and Computer Science. This will help us in diversifying our portfolio to attract brilliant students, as well as high-caliber researchers and faculty. We envisage more productive and society-driven research in the new school. A new BS program in Mathematics is also a step in this direction.

With the IBA's mission to undertake consultancy and applied research to enrich teaching and influence thinking on important issues of business and public policy, we believe that SMCS will play a pivotal role to bring a significant contribution to the global challenges that science and technology can solve.

Dr. Shakeel Khoja
Dean, SMCS

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