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Dr. Shahid Hussain

Dr. Shahid Hussain
Assistant Professor & Chairperson Department of Computer Science

Hello, World!

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at the Institute of Business Administration. We at CS@SMCS@IBA aspire to prepare our students to take on the challenges of the 21st century's complex computational problems. We take pride in our faculty's enthusiasm and hard work to deliver the best possible computer science teaching. In our department, cs theory meets the applications.

We offer a wide range of computer science courses to our undergraduate and graduate students. We aim to produce scholars well versed in computer science and allied areas and graduates who will lead the industry at local and international levels.

Dr. Hisham Bin Zubair

Dr. Hisham Bin Zubair
Assistant Professor and Chairperson Department of Mathematical Sciences

The department of Mathematical Sciences at IBA-SMCS is a group of students of Mathematics whose studies and interests in mathematics and allied sciences range over a diverse set of fields. These include analysis, algebra, geometry, computational science and engineering, quantum physics, high energy physics, fluid mechanics, statistics, and financial engineering, among others. We study challenging questions - it's an endeavor that leads to solutions as well as more interesting underlying questions and theories.

Towards our teaching goals, we offer undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs to train aspiring students of pure and applied mathematics that aim to produce strong analytical minds with a penchant for problem-solving. As mathematics is fundamental to many other areas of science and humanities, we also serve other departments with courses tailored to suit their requirements.

Welcome, join us in our quest for deeper theories and efficient and robust solutions.

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