SMCS hosts a panel discussion on ‘ML Journey: Classroom vs. Industry Realities’

November 30, 2023: The School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS), IBA hosted an insightful panel discussion on ‘ML Journey: Classroom vs. Industry Realities’, led by Dr. Sajjad Haider, Professor, SMCS.

The event brought together a cadre of experts at the forefront of the industry to shed light on the theoretical knowledge and practical application of ML. The distinguished panelists included Mr. Shoaib Rehman, Director Technology, Virtuosoft; Mr. Muhammad Hamza, Lead Data Scientist, Motive; Mr. Hisham Sajid, Data and Analytics Manager, Lipton; and Mr. Muhammad Hamza, Data Engineer, Vital Pakistan Trust. Each expert brought a wealth of experience and insights, contributing to a dynamic discussion on the essential ML basics that prove vital in addressing real-world challenges.

The discussion revolved around the evolving landscape of ML, transcending the basic algorithmic understanding to emphasize significance of solving tangible problems and creating a positive change. The experts stressed how success lies in not just understanding algorithms, but in practical problem solving and being innovative.

For the graduating students in attendance, panelists offered invaluable advice, encouraging them to engage in activities enhancing thinking skills and emphasizing the importance of self-investment. They also highlighted the need for continuous improvement in technical proficiency, citing key skills like SQL, Statistics, and Python as essential tools in an ML practitioner’s arsenal. The panelists further identified the ability to analyze complex business and social problems as a pivotal skill for success in the ever-changing field of ML.

Through events like these SMCS seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to navigate the data landscapes in the professional world.


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